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The base cost to use Eclipse Calendar is $45 per month. For this price, you receive unlimited Calendars, unlimited events, 15 user licenses, 250 MB of file storage, and free secure 128-bit SSL data encryption. See tables below for additional user and file storage costs.

Additional Users
The first 15 users are all included in the $45 per month base cost
Additional # of Users Monthly Cost  
16 - 100 $3 / user
101+ $2 / user

Additional File Storage
This refers to storage space for data that you upload through the Eclipse Calendar system. The $45 per month base cost includes 250 MB of file storage. Most users do not ever come close to needing additional storage space.
Additional Storage Amount Monthly Cost  
250 MB $25
500 MB $45

Free Secure 128-bit SSL Data Encryption
As an added benefit, Eclipse Calendar includes secure 128-bit SSL data encryption capabilities, FREE. You can use the secure option when you want to insure that the information you are working with is protected.

Source Code Option
Some organizations prefer to keep their calendars and events internal. For those types of organizations, our Source Code Option might work better for you. This option allows you to place the source code for Eclipse Calendar on your internal servers. Please view our System Requirements page to view the hardward required to run Eclipse Calendar on your own servers. If you are interested in the Source Code Option, please contact us for pricing. We do offer special rates to not-for-profit organizations on the Source Code Option.


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