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Normal Calendar View

The Normal Calendar View displays calendar events in a traditional calendar format.

User can easily tell which calendars are being viewed. Eclipse Project allows organizations to store information about multiple calendars. Furthermore, users have the ability to combine information from any combination of calendars into a single view. The names of the calendars which are being viewed are displayed on each page.
Change the viewing mode with one click. Users can change the current view by simply selecting a new view from the "Viewing Mode" drop-down box. Additionally, users can choose either Monday or Sunday as the starting day of the week.
Jump to a specific date. To make the calendar easier to navigate, users have the ability to jump to a new date. Simply enter a date, click the "Jump to Date" button, and you will see information for the date you specified.
Scroll through Dates. The month of the information you are viewing is displayed at the top of each calendar. To scroll forward/backward by one month increments, simply click either the Last/Next Month links.
All events are displayed in the view. The subject of each event for all calendars you are viewing displays in the date of the event. To see the full event details, simply click on the subject. Each event is clearly notated by use of bullet points.


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