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Eclipse Patient Tracking

Eclipse Patient Tracking (EPT) is a web-based solution that simultaneously provides both real-time and historical data on waiting and service times. Originally designed to streamline patient flow, address staffing needs and increase patient satisfaction, in light of the COVID-19 crisis the tool can be conjointly used to alert staff of at-risk patients based on CDC criteria. If a diagnosis is confirmed, EPT provides a database of other patients and staff that were in areas at the same time to assist with Contact Tracing for tracking potential exposure. The system can be set up and implemented within days.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Tracking / Monitoring Support
  • Contact Tracing capabilities for both patients and staff to help mitigate potential exposure and spread.
  • If a patient tests positive for COVID-19, EPT audits the amount of time the patient was in an area (time spent waiting, registering or receiving service). You can easily view all other patients and staff that were in the same area during that time, in both real-time and retroactively.
  • Tracking this information can help an organization contact other individuals who may have encountered a confirmed or presumptive positive patient, which can assist with restriction of the spread within both your organization and the community.
  • Studies suggest at least 80% of the outbreak in Wuhan, China was circulated by asymptomatic individuals. The WHO says these "stealth transmissions" could continue to present a major challenge for containment. EPT provides a history of symptomatic and asymptomatic patients alike, meaning organizations can retroactively contact any exposed parties.
  • Self-Check-In kiosk can help alert staff of potentially exposed patients, prioritize them, and initiate isolation protocol if necessary.
  • Provides staff with a consistent set of questions to ask patients to assess potential exposure.
  • Flags at-risk patients based on responses and provides staff with your organization's COVID-19 protocol in instances of patients identified with potential exposure. View screenshot
Traditional Eclipse Patient Tracking Benefits
  • Real-Time patient check-in documentation - All data in the system is delivered in real-time. As soon as a patient checks in to an area, staff are alerted. Check-in's can be recorded from either a dedicated, staffed station or from a stand alone, self-service device.
  • Real-Time patient wait-time / service-time monitoring - The amount of time each patient waits for and/or receives service is continually updated for staff to monitor in real-time through each area's monitoring screen. Benchmark wait/service times can be used to flag patients with prolonged times directly on the monitoring screen.
  • Robust, dynamic historical reporting - The system offers an advanced, dynamic reporting feature that can be used to create multiple reports "on-the-fly" for any individual area or combination of areas. Reports can be created for any time-period and filtered based on any combination of data elements. View screenshot
  • Better projection of staffing needs - The system allows an organization to easily identify peak volume times multiple ways: by time of day, day of week, months and more. This data can be used to staff areas more accurately in relation to patient volumes.
  • Improved Patient Satisfaction - Patient satisfaction is more important than ever to healthcare organizations, reimbursement dollars are tied directly to it. EPT gives an organization a tool to reduce wait-times and improve patient flow. In those cases where there is an extended waiting time, facilities can identify and react to these situations instantly to better manage the overall experience of the patient.


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