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Eclipse Patient Tracking

Eclipse Patient Tracking is a web-based tool that allows a hospital's Admissions Department to operate more effectively and streamline internal processes.

  • Easy access - Since the product is web-based, there are no individual user licenses needed for the tool. Users only need a web browser to access it. Furthermore, users do not need to be tethered to a single PC in order to access the tool. It can be accessed from any PC that has a connection to the web server that stores product (usually an Intranet Server).
  • Real-Time patient check-in documentation - All data in the system is delivered in real-time. As soon as a patient is checked-in, Registration Associates are alerted.
  • Increased employee accountability - Actual registration times are recorded automatically by the system. This allows management to identify employees whose registration times are below standard, which in turn helps management to identify employees who may need additional training or guidance.
  • Better projection of staffing needs - The system displays peak registration times via its robust reporting suite. This allows management to staff registration areas in relation to patient volumes.
  • Elimination of manual reports - The system offers an advanced, dynamic reporting tool. It can be used to create multiple reports "on-the-fly" for any registration area, time-frame, patient priority, or any combination of the previous listed items. This eliminates the need to manually re-enter data from paper into spreadsheets for reporting. The system stores all data automatically and performs the necessary calculations.
  • Better monitoring of both individual and department productivity - The reporting suite allows managers to get a true picture of how both individuals and departments are performing in relation to departmental standards through the use of the dynamic reports.


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