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Simplify Project Managment
Eclipse Project is a web-based project management tool designed to help you take control of your organization's entire project portfolio. Plan, track, and manage milestones, tasks, issues, risks, documents, and decisions for multiple projects in one system. Information can be easily accessed through powerful reporting options and views. Stop wasting time and money on project management software that causes confusion and headaches. Eclipse Project is intuitive, easy to use, and helps direct focus where it needs to be, on the actual projects. Learn more...

Eclipse Calendar is a tool that allows organizations to create and manage multiple calendars from a web browser. The system allows users to combine information from multiple calendars into a single calendar view. This tool has also been developed so that it will integrate with Eclipse Project, to give users even more project/issues management options. Learn more...

Eclipse Physician Scheduler
Eclipse Physician Scheduler is a great tool to help manage the schedules for all the physicians/nurses/midwifes within a practice. All that is needed to access the tool is a web browser. Manage office hours, on-call coverage, vacation, CME days, and more from this easy-to-use application. Learn more...

Eclipse Patient Tracking
Eclipse Patient Tracking is a web-based tool that allows a hospital’s admissions group to manage more effectively and streamline internal processes. Learn more...

Eclipse Rounding Reports
Eclipse Rounding Reports allows physicians to record patient rounding report information to their practice office in real-time. This information can be entered from any Internet enabled PC. Physicians can enter information immediately after seeing patients. As soon as it is entered, your billing office can access the data you entered. This enables billing departments to act quickly on filing claim information. Contact us for more information about this system.

Eclipse News Postings
Eclipse News Postings is a web-based tool that allows organizations to easily control the posting of news, announcements, and other events for their Internet Sites or Intranets. If you have little or no website programming personnel, this tool is a great way to keep your site up-to-date. All updates are done through your web browser and are instantly displayed on your site. Approval workflows can be implemented to ensure that content is acceptable for posting. Contact us for more information about this system.


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