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Project Navigation Menu

Use your own company's logo. When you sign-up for Eclipse Project, you have the option to use your own company's logo in the system's navigation menu. The logo will be displayed on every page in the system.
The Project Specific Menu helps users navigate to specific areas quickly. When you are working with a specific project, this menu allows you to jump to any area of that project without having to go back to the project's main page.
Easy Access to the Main Navigation Menu. The main navigation menu consists of a set of links based on overall system rights. Everyone will see the link that says "Your Projects". Users with the ability to create new projects will see the "Project Admin" link. System Administrators will see a link that says "System Admin". This link will allow administrators to maintain the global system settings and user accounts. Non-System Administrators will see a link that says "Contact an Administrator." That link will let users easily contact a System Administrator for questions.
Users can update their own profile. Once you successfully sign-in to the system, you have the ability to update information about your own user account by clicking the "Account Info" link. This link will let you update your password, change your e-mail address, etc.


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