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Eclipse Project
Who is Eclipse Project Designed For?

Eclipse Project is designed for any organization, group, or team that needs an easy, affordable way to manage their projects and the issues associated with them. It is flexible enough to be used in any type of industry.

Internal Project Teams

  • Document issues and tasks related to the project
  • Store all documents related to the project in one location
  • Stay on top of your project when you are out of the office
  • Run reports on multiple projects from one tool

Software / Application Designers

  • Document bugs and keep track of the progress until they are fixed
  • Upload screen shots to assist in quicker problem resolution
  • Store flowcharts and business logic models
  • Communicate with your clients

Hospitals / Health Systems

  • Manage your software installations with vendors more effectively
  • Facilitates communications between cross-departmental teams
  • Easy way for your marketing/public relations group to share files with advertising agencies
  • Great way to keep your board of directors informed of a project's status

Web / Graphic Designers

  • Track design requests/concerns
  • Upload graphics for client/vendor review
  • Manage tasks that need to be accomplished
  • Notate technical issues

Construction Companies

  • Upload blueprints that can be accessed on site
  • Stay on top of vendor or sub-contractor problems
  • Communicate with clients
  • Keep track of project status

Marketing Agencies

  • Upload graphics, logos, print ads, etc. for client review
  • Collaborate on text/copy revisions


  • Great tool to stay in touch with customers from any location
  • Share timelines and proposals
  • Manage multiple projects from one tool


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