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Eclipse Project
Features and Benefits

  • Unlimited Projects, Issues, Risks, Tasks, Decisions, and Events
    For project management systems to be effective, they must not restrict the amount or availability of information on a project. Unlike similar products on the market today, costs for using Eclipse Project are not based on the number of Projects, Items or Events stored in the system. This approach encourages information sharing without the worry of incurring additional costs.
  • Works Great as an Internal Tool, an Extranet Application, or BOTH
    Organizations have the ability to control who has access to the tool. Beyond that, access can be designated at the project level (i.e., user access can be restricted/granted based on individual projects within the system). This means Eclipse Project can be used to manage internal projects AND as an Extranet Application that allows partnering companies to access information on shared projects. Users can only see the projects that they have been given rights to. With an Internet connection, team members around the globe have the ability to access the tool and their project data.
  • Powerful Reporting Tools
    The Reporting Tools available in Eclipse Project offer multiple ways to effectively manage and maintain the items within projects. Moreover, unlike many similar types of software, Eclipse Project allows you reports to be run against multiple projects from one interface. Imagine having easy access to every overdue item for every project. In Eclipse Project, this can be done by simplying clicking one link. The system's reports can be classified into 2 categories: Standard Reports (Dashboards) and Custom Reports. Eclipse Project also gives users the ability to create Gantt Charts on-the-fly.
  • Unlimited Item Nesting (Sub-Items)
    Every item entered into Eclipse Project can have unlimited number of sub-items associated with it. Utilize this feature to define a large task by creating several sub-tasks; add sub-issues and sub-risks to a milestone, etc. The Item Nesting feature helps to organize and clarify project information.
  • Define Access Rights at the Project Level
    For every project created, Eclipse Project allows project owners the ability to assign each user’s authorized access level. For example, User 1 may need access to enter and update items in Project A, only need to be able to view items from Project B, and does not need any access at all to Project C. Eclipse Project gives project leaders this flexibility and control.
  • Document Management at Both the Project and Item Level
    The system gives users the ability to upload files that are crucial to either projects or specific items within a project. These documents are then accessible to everyone who has rights to the project. All uploaded files can easily be referenced by the team members, eliminating the need to email these documents back and forth.
    • At the Project Level, this feature is useful for uploading meeting agendas and minutes, scope information, project documentation, etc.
    • At the Item Level, this feature can be used for uploading screenshots, images, flowcharts, supporting documents, etc. These files will be directly linked with that item so when it is viewed, any attached files are only a click away.

  • Integrated Project Calendars
    Project Calendars let users easily view upcoming events and tasks related to projects. The calendar feature is unique because it offers the ability to see project events, issues, risks, tasks, and decisions in mulitple views. Further, information from multiple projects can be combined into single views. This allows project teams to easily see where resources need to be allocated in order to meet deadlines. View more information about project calendars.
  • Integration with External E-Mail Programs
    The system integrates with Microsoft Outlook or any other e-mail program that supports industry standard ICalendar files (.ics). Users can import information for any item stored in Eclipse Project directly into the calendar portion of their e-mail program. No more copying and pasting between different systems.
  • Automatic E-Mail Notification Option
    Each project owner has the option of being notified via e-mail about item additions or updates. Furthermore, they can choose to only be notified about items of a specified priority levels.
  • Use Existing Project Structures as Templates for New Projects
    This feature allows project owners to replicate the structure of an existing project into a new project with the click of a button. This means less set-up time when creating new projects.
  • Customizable System Priority Levels
    Every organization should be able to decide how to classify an item’s priority and the timeliness associated with its completion. In Eclipse Project, up to 10 different priority levels can be created and customized to reflect a company’s terminology. With each priority level, users also define a timeframe for expected completion. When items are created in the system, each item must be assigned a priority. Based on that priority assignment, the system automatically calculates a target resolution date for the completion of that item.
  • Custom Categories for Each Project
    Eclipse Project allows custom Categories to be created for each project stored in the system. These categories help to organize information more effectively.
  • Define and Create Project Hierarchies
    Keeping track of who is responsible for multiple projects is simple in Eclipse Project. An unlimited number of Project Hierarchy Reporting structures can be defined, created, and applied to projects. The Hierarchy views give both executives and users an easy way view the responsible parties for each project.
  • Progress Notes Feature
    Many of the issues that businesses encounter are not easily resolved; they require continuous attention, input and diligence from the project team. In Eclipse Project, users can add notes to issues, risks, tasks, and decisions. This allows the project team to effectively manage an item from the time it is reported until it is resolved. Anyone who has been granted rights to update items for a project has the ability to add a progress note. Each note that is added automatically is stamped with the name of the person who added the note and the date/time it was added.
  • Easy E-Mailing to Project Team Members Via Built-In Web-Mail Interface
    In today’s business world, effective e-mail use can be essential to the success of a project. Communication is key. Eclipse Project offers a simple way to send an e-mail to the entire project team or just selected teams members through the system's built-in web-mail interface.
  • Overdue Items are Clearly Notated Throughout the System
    To assist team members in keeping their projects on track, Eclipse Project cleary notates any overdue item throughout the system in item detail pages, reports, and dashboard views.
  • Automatic Date-Time Stamping on Actions Taken
    Eclipse Project keeps an update trail for each item stored in the system. It keeps track of when changes/updates are made and who has made them. The update trail can be seen on the details page for any item. This feature is very useful for auditing the history of an item stored in the system.
  • Web-Based Tool with Hosted Or Source Code Option
    With the hosted option, there is no hardware or software installation, and no IT staff required to maintain the product. A web-browser connected to the Internet is all that is needed to use the tool at any time from any location.

    Eclipse Project is also offered in a Source Code Option. This option allows organizations to load the Eclipse Project software on your own servers. The installation process is fast and easy. The set-up can be completed in just a few hours.
  • Add Your Company's Logo for Free
    This feature allows organizations to "brand" their copy of Eclipse Project with a logo of the organization's choosing. Utilizing this service will help to broadcast a consistent company image, both internally and when the system is used with external business partners.


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