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Custom Reports Overview

Eclipse Project gives you the power to create your own Custom Reports for issues, risks, and decisions that are stored in the system for any project that you are associated with from a single reporting interface. These reports can be generated for a single project or any combination of projects. Our Custom Reports allow you customize column order, filter data based on criteria that you specify, hide columns, and more! Two additional powerful features of our custom reports are the ability to Save Report Profiles or export reports to Microsoft™ Excel directly from a link in your browser window.

  • Save Report Profiles
    Once you have created a custom report that you really like, you don’t have to worry about having to re-create it each time you want to view it. You can save a report profile based on all of the criteria that you have specified. In the future, all you have to do is go to your Saved Report Profiles and click on the report that you want to view. These profiles are dynamic and will check against the data each time you request the report to ensure that the data matches all of your specified conditions. For example, if you created a report that only showed open issues, that report would be updated everytime it is viewed to reflect the actual information stored in Eclipse Project. All of this happens in REAL TIME.
  • Export Reports to Microsoft™ Excel
    Once you have generated a custom report, you have the ability to export that information to a Microsoft™ Excel Spreadsheet by simply clicking a link. Once you click the link, the spreadsheet will open in you browser window. You can then save a copy of the spreadsheet and manipulate the data however you want.

Custom Report Screen Shots

  1. Select Project(s)
  2. Select Fields
  3. Refine Selections / Specify Criteria
  4. Finished Custom Report


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